Be cool: Bike-pool!

Now, We Ride! helps you find a posse to ride your bike with, wherever you're going. Why? So you can find safety in numbers, access a huge community of fellow riders, and have a lot more fun living the two-wheel lifestyle. Simply tell us about your commutes and other planned rides, and we'll match you with riders going the same way at the same time. It's that simple.

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   any smartphone to get started.

Be Fearless

By riding with a group, you can be fearless: Cars might not notice a lone rider, but a posse is hard to miss, or intimidate. Groups of riders level the playing field, and that reminds drivers to be respectful and share the road.

Bask in the Glow

Trading tips, lending a hand, sharing an adventure... These are all great ways to make friends with your commute-buddies. But if you're shy, or enjoy your privacy, you can just ride along quietly and just bask in the glow of companionship. Friends don't always have to talk to appreciate each other.

Join a Movement

By riding a bike instead of driving a car, you're actively contributing to a better planet and a better future. By joining NowWeRide, you make cycling a safer alternative, that countless thousands of new riders may feel emboldened to join. Way to go, trendsetter!

Have a Blast

Participate in our first ever Pedal Posse Flash Mob, and keep an ear out for our upcoming Rides for Good, when you can join weekend posses on volunteering adventures. We may look like cyclists, but at heart, we're really heroes, one and all!